The Brewminaries is a homebrew club in Prospect Heights focused on helping every member make better beer through experiments, brewing, & discussion.

We were founded in March 2015 by a handful of brewers from the Bitter and Esters' beer swap. Right out of the gate we had award winning brewers, and BJCP certified judges as members. With more than 50 years of brewing experience between the founders, we realized we had the potential to help beginner brewers become better brewers, faster.

The Brewminaries were born out of a passion for brewing and community. Members enjoy leap-frogging the classic mistakes and speed bumps that a novice brewer would face alone. We support each other, and make better beer together.



Carrie Soom


Carrie is a Buffalo native who currently lives in Brooklyn and has been brewing since 2014. Rather than having a favorite style, Carrie tries to make interesting beers inspired by things she loves- friends, family, and her favorite pets/movies/presidents. She enjoys mediocre pop music, karaoke, sewing, and basically any movie that angry people on the internet refer to as "feminist propaganda." She's working on visiting all 50 states, so you can find her obsessively making google maps and travel plans to figure out what breweries and dinosaur skeletons she's going to visit next.

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Ben Kainz

Vice Dictator

Ben comes from the Good Land. Growing up, he embraced his German-American heritage with a love for…beer, of course. When he moved to NYC to start working in the film industry, Ben picked up home-brewing to save money on those pricey bar tabs. 6 years later he realizes he never saved any money, but found a hobby and community he loves. He likes brewing up those classic German styles, but also loves to push the boundaries of what a beer can be, especially with a Berliner Weisse or Gose. If you have any questions give him a shout. His door is open, anytime.



Rachel Zeiss

Events Officer

Rachel is one of the earliest members of the Brewminaries, and has been brewing with her husband since 2014. Starting off with kits and recipe books and knowing pretty much nothing, Rachel now loves to create and work on recipes, be it a traditional style (always a challenge) or something totally out there.  She loves gathering with friends (especially for brew days) and making sure everyone is fed. She also loves to cook and bake, so combining food with beer has been the logical next step. Being a part of the Brewminaries means sharing and collaborating, and you couldn't find a more welcoming and interesting group of people to learn from! As an events professional, taking on the Events Officer role is a more than natural fit, and she hopes to help support the officers in increasing the club's overall vision.

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TheresaSteve_199 (2).jpg

Theresa Ten Eyck


Theresa Ten Eyck started brewing in 2011 after attending a family friend's brew day. She loves creating new recipes for both unique and true-to-style beers. Porters are her favorite beer to drink and brew. Theresa joined the Brewminaries in May 2015 and met her now-husband at the August 2015 meeting. They consider the Brewminaries their church and expect difficult brew days after missed meetings. Though married to a fellow brewer, she still prefers to brew alone. Theresa looks forward to serving the club as Treasurer, helping newbs, learning from pros, and drinking all your beer.


Colleen Davy

Science Officer

Colleen was living in Pittsburgh when she received her first homebrewing kit and her cat Thor as birthday presents back in 2009, and both have been a huge source of entertainment, personal fulfillment, and love ever since. She stuck to brewing from kits until she moved to New Jersey in 2014, and finally made the switch to all grain after moving to Brooklyn and getting involved with the Brewminaries in 2017. If she let her palette dictate her brewing, she would brew mostly just IPAs, but in the spirit of learning about the brewing process she has been sticking for beers that are less aggressively-hopped. Aside from beer she's also into pickles/sauerkraut/sourdough/other such foods, ranting at strangers (or friends!) about intersectional feminism, and running medium distances at a slow to medium pace.




Alex Neubauer

Dean of the Brewminaries




Renee Jonas


Renee was lured to the east coast (best coast) from California just over a year ago. She first became interested in homebrewing in college watching her close friend homebrew and then move on to open a brewery in Tahoe. Moving to New York, she and her roommate (a fellow brewmie) discovered that they had very similar tastes in beer and they both happened to be daughters of bee-keepers. Their passion for good beer and honey inspired them to start brewing with the goal of always including honey in their brewing process, in one way or another. Renee’s next project and goal is to tackle meads and braggots.