Brewminaries Present: GRAVITY

Sunday, October 13

Berg’n (private room and courtyard)

A beer festival showcasing big beers and their sessionable counterparts!

Signups below! Please read all the following before signing up.

  • Brewers must bring 5 gallons of their beer to the event on Sunday, October 13th, at Berg’n.

  • Brewers are expected to communicate with the officers throughout the brewing process so we can help if any issues arise or help get your beer to the event if you end up unable to attend.

  • Beers should be brewed mostly to style, with the possible exception of abv (see next point)

  • The idea is for the 'little beer' in each pair to be 5% or lower, and the 'big beer' in the pair to be 8% or higher. If you don't think your style could reasonably be made within those parameters, reach out to the officers and communicate with your style-buddy to make sure there's still a marked difference in ABV between your beers.

  • Paired brewers can collaborate as much or as little as you'd like! There are a few instances where we've notated some requirements (like the fruit beers pair) but if you and your style-partner would like to work together and use the same hops or correlating grain bills, we encourage that! If you would prefer to stick to your style guidelines and just brew on your own, that's fine as well.

  • Brewers will be compensated via Bitter & Esters store credit, $15 for ‘little beers’ and $25 for ‘big beers.’

Signups are now closed, beer assignments will be finalized via email by Friday August 2nd.