Chopped Showcase 2019

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Fans of the Food Network (aka, anyone with a soul, amirite?) may be familiar with the show Chopped. In this show, chefs are given a basket of ingredients, and they must use all the ingredients to make a delicious dish.

And we figure: It’s the summer. It’s hot. We’re all just making the same pilsners and wheat beers to try and beat the heat (Okay maybe that’s just me?). We’re getting bored. And what better way to get yourself out of a brewing rut than brainstorming an awesome recipe with interesting ingredients??

But here at the Brewminaries we are kind, benevolent rulers, so rather than making people use all the ingredients, we let our brewers choose! So, we give a basket of five (5) ingredients, and our brewers pick three (3). Any style of beer you want, any other ingredients you want, but must use at least three (3!) of the wild card ingredients.

Where did we come up with these wild card ingredients, you ask? Why, from our fellow Brewminaries! Though I (I being your loyal Science Officer) made the final decision, all of these decisions came from you!

Brewers will pour their beers during our August meeting on August 21, 2019.

So the question I’m sure you’re all wondering is: What ingredients have you selected for this incredible ingredient fest?

Oh. Oh my friends. Here we go.

Drum roll please.

Oh and remember, my incredible Brewminaries. These suggestions all came from YOU. You guys are the geniuses. The masterminds. The brilliant brewing brains bursting forth with ideas. And oh. You guys. You are wonderful.

Here we go.

Drum roll.

The Ingredients (Pick at least 3 of the 5):

  1. Mango

  2. Matcha

  3. Avocado

  4. Coriander

  5. Flaming Hot Cheetos

Yes, my friends. Flaming Hot Cheetos. Guys, I’m so excited for this, and no amount of ire or fistfuls of Cheetos that get thrown at my head can change that. I hope a few, but maybe not too many, people will rise to the challenge and make us something wonderful. I think in the end you will enjoy it as much as I do. And even if you don’t, I will still love you.

Brew at least one gallon (if you’re planning on bottling, we suggest brewing by July 28; if kegs, by August 7. But of course, think about what you are brewing. If it needs more time, give it more time.)

Collaborations allowed or even encouraged!

Temperature control recommended, but not required.

Either bottles or kegs is fine. Usually two growlers work out well, but if you want to bring a whole keg that is between you and your back/arms/granny cart. (NOTE: We don’t provide CO2/regulators/taps, so if you bring a keg you will also need to make sure you’ve got all the necessary accouterments)

Showcase beer must be brought to the August Brewminaries meeting on August 21, 2019 in order to receive reimbursement ($20 credit from B&E)

We can only reimburse the first 8 people to sign up and bring beer, but if you’re not in the first 8 and still want to play, you’re more than welcome!

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