Collaboration Showcase 2019

You must be a Brewminaries member to pour at a showcase.

Beer collaborations can have a great impact on the brewing community. Collaborations not only create bonds among brewers, but it also leads to exchange of knowledge about the process and recipe formulation, making all of us better brewers. For this showcase, Brewmies sign up to be paired with another Brewmie to collaborate on the formulation and brewing of your beer.

The Basic Info:

When you sign up, you will be paired with another Brewmie or two. From there, it’s up to you to negotiate schedules and come up with a plan for brewing your beer. You will develop a recipe together, get the ingredients, and make your beer together!

Brewminaries will reimburse you $20 after you bring at least one gallon of your brew to the meeting.

The collaboration beers will be poured at our June meeting (June 19th).

The Other Exciting Part:

HomebrewCon is in Providence, RI this year, and the Brewminaries are hosting a table for Club Night!!! We want to bring collaboration beers with us to share, to highlight what happens when the wonderful brewers in our club come together. To that end, we want to bring some of our Collaboration Showcase brews with us to HomebrewCon! If you would like for your collabrew to be a part of the public face of the Brewminaries at HomebrewCon, let us know! (If you’d rather not, no worries!)


Must work well with others.

Must brew at least one gallon by the brewing deadline.

Must bring at least one gallon of said beer to the Brewminaries meeting on June 19.

Temperature control is recommended.

Collaboration Showcase Signup Form

Name *
(This is to help us pair people who are interested in brewing the same type of beer, not a binding commitment)
What is your availability like over the next month (generally speaking)?
(This is just to help us pair you with people who have similar schedules. You will have to negotiate schedules with your Brewmie buddies later.)
Would you be interested in brewing a 5 gallon batch? (One gallon for the Collab Showcase meeting and 4 gallons for HomebrewCon*?) *
*You do not need to be attending HomebrewCon to send your beer.
(e.g., any accommodations or allergies to consider, cool equipment you have, Netflix show recommendations, etc.)