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In this experiment we're testing the impact of First Wort hopping versus a 60-minute addition versus a 15-minute addition. We want to analyze, by group-tasting preference, which hopping technique makes the better beer, which hopping technique provides the most perceived bitterness, and which hopping technique imparted the most aroma/flavor.

A full grain bill of a 9-gallon batch of beer was mashed together and then split into 3x 3-gallon batches to be boiled in separate pots. Each condition targeted the same OG, FG, and IBU which means that the 15-minute addition required additional hops to hit the same IBU as the FWH addition and the 60-minute addition.

Preference for which beer tasted better was voted on by the club members at our January meeting using a simple token-in-cup voting system. The condition with the most tokens/votes in its' cup at the end of the meeting was determined to be the favored hopping-technique. A group of 5 additional tasters assembled away from the main group and remarked more closely, using a BJCP score-sheet and a small questionnaire, on which condition had the most perceived bitterness and which condition had the most imparted hop aroma/flavor.

To find out about the conclusion of the experiment and review the methodology, please see the write-up posted here:

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