Showcase Meeting Signups: Sessions

Pour Date: February 20, 2019

You must be a Brewminaries member to pour at a showcase. 

Tastings are open to the public.

This page is to sign up for the Session Beer Showcase event, which will take place at our February meeting on February 20, 2019. Brewminaries will be brewing open style with one small constraint: It must be under 5% ABV! 

What are the requirements?
Brew at least one gallon and package in either bottles or kegs. 
Temperature control recommended.

When will I need to brew by?

In order to be ready by the February meeting, people planning to bottle should brew by January 19. People planning to keg should brew by February 2.

What do I get if I brew?

Our first 8 brewers to sign up and bring their beer to the February meeting will receive $20 and brewmie points. If you're not in the first 8, you will still receive brewmie points, just not the $20. All brewers will receive the satisfaction of a job well done (beer well made?) and the respect and appreciation of their peers.

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I understand that in order to receive reimbursement or brewmie points I must bring my beer or send it with a friend to the February 20 meeting. *
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